Walsenburg, CO

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watch out for...
black ice and dickhead state patrol on I-25 around Walsenburg. - tim, the mighty , posted 12/22/05
there is this spot in walsenberg right befire you get into town off 25 that has the best milkshakes - kate , posted 11/19/05
reply to above poster
yes, walsenburg blows. But, if you got huevos racheros from corine's instead of the chile rieno it's not because your server didn't know what that was. either
1.your server didn't like you
2.your server didn't think you knew the diffrence
3.your server was on something and didn't take your order correctly (most the town are addicts)
3. a combination of the above

most the people in walsenburg are hispanic so, I doubt they didn't know the diffrence. I have family there so, they don't fuck around with me much when I go down there, except for the police. Alice's is pretty good though. - Ganjatron , posted 11/09/05
yes, it does suck
need i say more? - , posted 09/28/05
Walsenburg, CO SUCKS
Dont even test my opinion. This place has bad food, and most of their eating places arent open on Sunday which ok but the ones that are give ass service and serve bad food.

All I can say is we went to Corina's which is a mexican/american food place and well my girlfriend ordered the Chile Rieno and well it was Huevos Rancheros. WE where like what the hell is this. They said o is chile rieno normally a chile stuffed and we where like ya. SHe's like thats not how we do it here. I was like well thats what the dish is. I can make spaghetti and call it lo mein. The whole town sucked just like this. - Dylan , posted 08/09/05

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